Kimberly CutchallChief Executive Officer and President

Kimberly Cutchall is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Accendo International, a human capital strategy firm that transforms leaders, teams, and organizations into elite performers. Kimberly is a dynamic, high-energy leader who has more than 20 years of executive experience. Her distinctive background provides a unique perspective that blends innovative thinking with a keen under-standing of the role human capital plays in business execution, accountability, and measurable results. Once you engage Kimberly, her passion for developing an organization’s human capital immediately becomes apparent, translating into true value across the entire business. Her areas of specialty run the spectrum from expert coaching to sales training, and leadership development to strategic execution. But Kimberly differs from a lot of people in the industry in an important way. She doesn’t talk in abstracts or wallow in consultant-speak or sound like a management textbook. Instead, she develops real-world approaches that reflect her real-world achievements. And by any measure, those achievements have been significant.

  • Designed, staffed, and led – from the ground up – a best-in-class human capital management structure for a $10 billion Fortune 500 company with over 30,000 employees.
  • Hired and trained executive teams who were responsible for executing enterprise – wide, performance-based leadership and sales training that stimulated over $4 billion in annual revenue.
  • Established and managed a first-of-its-kind talent-acquisition team that was responsible for executing rapid-deployment hiring plans company-wide across North America.
  • Built, facilitated, and executed reductions in workforce and performance improvement strategies.
  • Vetted, negotiated, and managed multimillion-dollar, enterprise-wide human capital management contracts.
  • Designed and led a team that successfully implemented a critical, organization-wide strategic execution program.
  • Oversaw the design, development, and execution of multiple curricula utilizing various training modes, delivering greater efficiencies, increased sales, improved retention, more efficient operations, and overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Participated as a key member of an exclusive CEO Executive Leadership team responsible for building company-wide strategic and tactical programs designed to integrate private equity goals and improve organizational profitability.
  • Coached C-level and top-level executives nationally and internationally around topics including leadership effectiveness, executive succession planning, cultural issues, corporate communications, operational structure and impact, and sales performance improvement.

That’s just a partial list, but the point is clear: Kimberly’s a leader who knows what she’s talking about because she’s someone who has led successfully.

Underscoring this expertise is an extensive list of certifications earned from some of the discipline’s leading institutes, including NYU; Second City; The Gallup Organization; Creative Problem Solving Institute; and Human Performance Institute. Additionally, she is accredited in a comprehensive range of specialties, including Executive Coaching; Executive Leadership; Team Facilitation; Succession Planning; Leadership and Development; Coaching in the Workplace; Organizational Change; Creative Problem Solving; and Human Capital Strategies. She is also certified for selection and performance assessments and analysis.

In founding Accendo International, Kimberly has brought all of these skills, strategies, and services under a single umbrella. Supported by a team that shares her vision and enthusiasm, she has created a new kind of company – one that produces results not by reinventing businesses, but by improving individual, team, and organizational performance to make them even better. Click here for PDF.

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