Employee Engagement: Beliefs Versus Reality

Sep 26, 2018 | Accelerate, Leadership Lounge

At Accendo, we’ve been focused on the importance and impact of employee engagement for a long time.

And we’re excited to watch as some of the world’s most successful organizations are placing more emphasis on its significance. But is there something missing between the knowledge of its value and the actual levels of engagement? Probably.

Survival of the Engaged(est)

A recent survey from the Harvard Business Review summarized that an engaged and “high-performing workforce is essential for growth and survival.”  A majority of respondents ranked engagement as “very important” and in the top three factors when it comes to achieving success.

No surprises here. But wait, there’s more…

The same study found that 38 percent of higher-level executives believed their workforce was engaged, while only 18 percent of HR representatives (aka, the boots on the ground) from these same organizations believed the same. Is the perception at the top completely out of focus with what’s happening on ground level?

Sometimes there’s an “ah ha” moment that leads to positive organizational change and the path to human capital nirvana, but that only happens after coming to terms with the reality. That’s why at Accendo, we’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, and prompt their honest answers. That’s the only way our clients will achieve true and lasting success.

Where is your workforce when it comes to engagement? And does your perception match the reality? Are you in a position to measure such things from an unbiased perspective?

While you ponder the meaning of all of the above, worry not. We have some suggestions that can move your organization in the right direction.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

The good news is there are ways to improve engagement, and the better news is they’re actually quite doable. In the same Harvard Business Review report, the most “impactful” employee engagement drivers included:

  • Recognition for top performers
  • Giving employees a “clear understanding” into how their performance directly “contributes to strategy”
  • Updates and communication from senior management about strategy on an ongoing basis
  • Open communication of business goals (and the understanding of those goals)
  • And more


Visit the full Harvard Business Review report to learn more behind the numbers, and when you’re ready to bring your organization’s employee engagement to the next level, Accendo will be waiting.



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