The Workforce Is Changing. Are You Changing with It?

Sep 26, 2018 | Assess, Leadership Lounge

Whether you’re ready or not, the American workforce is changing. There are more part-time, remote, and even contract employees integrating into the workforce than ever before.

This means strategies for keeping employees engaged—at all levels—will be important. Are you prepared?

The Numbers Are In (And Rising)

According to 2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report, only 42% of this year’s survey respondents report that their organizations are primarily comprised of salaried employees. In fact, in the United States alone, 40% of workers currently employed are considered to be in “alternative work arrangements,” a statistic that has increased by a whopping 36% in only the last five years.

It’s not a trend that seems to be fading anytime soon, either. Close to one-third of respondents to the Deloitte survey predicted that contractors, freelancers, and gig workers would make up even more of their overall workforce by 2020.

Real Life Experience: What We’re Seeing in The Field

Recently, the Accendo team conducted an Organizational Assessment for a client with a high concentration of part-time employees (40%). It was important for our client to gain as much insight and understanding into this side of its workforce as its full-time employee base. When reviewing the results, we quickly realized that survey participation was lower among the part-time employees than that of the full-time employees.

While the gap in participation itself wasn’t what the client was trying to assess, it raised some valid questions for management: Are the part-time employees as engaged as their full-time counterparts? Why were they not completing surveys in as many numbers? What are some practices and policies to consider that could help them more fully integrate into the organization?

It echoed the Deloitte study, which showed that many organizations are fully aware that the workforce is changing dramatically, yet still don’t have procedures in place to properly manage and engage at all levels. Only 16 percent of those surveyed currently have established policies and practices with these trends in mind.

At Accendo, we are consistently looking for ways to help our clients improve employee engagement which, in turn, helps drive their mission, elevates the quality of the organization’s culture, creates a high-performing organization, and directly impacts the bottom line.
Stay tuned for our ideas on keeping ALL of your employees engaged. Or just reach out to us directly; we’re here to help you have the most engaged employees around.



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